Business Insurance & Auto Accidents: Are You Covered?

What Your Small Business Should Know About Auto Accidents Small businesses often think that they can get away without securing an auto insurance policy. Whether they may drive a company-owned vehicle or their personal truck, many small business owners think they can wait a little bit longer before securing a commercial auto policy. The reality of the situation is that

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Don’t Buy into These Commercial Auto Insurance Myths

Learn the truth behind these common commercial auto misconceptions. If your business requires the use of company or personal vehicles, then you need the protection that only business auto insurance can offer.  However, when trying to secure this coverage, many business owners get caught up in popular misconceptions and inaccuracies.  To clear things up, here is the truth behind some

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What You Need to Know About Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect your employees and company vehicles with the right commercial auto insurance. If your company owns car, trucks, vans, or other vehicles, then it’s important that you put the right business auto insurance in place.  Additionally, you will also require this coverage if your employees use their personal cars for business purposes.  This is because personal auto policies will not

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