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Commercial Auto Insurance for Contractors: An Overview

When your business depends on a company car, truck, or fleet, you need commercial auto insurance. It’s required in states across the U.S., plus you need sufficient coverage if one of your workers gets involved in an accident. Here’s a look at commercial auto insurance benefits for contractors. What Commercial Auto Insurance Covers? Some of the main commercial auto insurance

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When Should You Get Your Commercial Insurance Policy Reviewed?

According to the Insurance Journal, more than 70% of small businesses in the U.S. are underinsured. Frequent changes in the economic environment often result in underinsured businesses to be unaware of the extent of their existing coverage. Hence, companies must conduct a commercial insurance review periodically to ensure their policy is up-to-date with their needs. Here are a few situations

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Business Insurance & Auto Accidents: Are You Covered?

What Your Small Business Should Know About Auto Accidents Small businesses often think that they can get away without securing an auto insurance policy. Whether they may drive a company-owned vehicle or their personal truck, many small business owners think they can wait a little bit longer before securing a commercial auto policy. The reality of the situation is that

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Are You Liable for Construction Defects?

What is a construction defect and can your business be held responsible for one? As a contractor or construction professional, you know that you are subject to certain liability risks.  While having the right contractor general liability insurance can help you protect against these risks, you should still understand the threats that your business faces.  For instance, lawsuits related to

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Employ these OSHA Recommended Health & Safety Practices at Your Business

Here are some of OSHA’s health and safety recommendations that you should employ at your construction business. Those working in the construction industry are subject to a considerable amount of risk.  One of the most serious risks that construction business owners face is the threat of employee injuries.  While having the right workers compensation insurance will ensure that your workers

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