Building Contracts: What You Should be Aware of

Contractor Contract Considerations


Now, more than ever, contractors and tradespeople need to be aware of what contracts they are signing. While some clients may use a standard document, others may have a  bespoke contract that they prepared themselves. It doesn’t matter which one you’re signing, you should be aware of the terms and obligations required from you. As a contractor, pay attention to the following:


  • Project supervisor requirements

Contractors and tradespeople are obliged to inform a client whether or not a project supervisor should be appointed. If a contractor agrees to take on this role, they need to be aware of their obligations in carrying it out.


  • The price of work

The scope of the works to be completed should be clearly agreed and understood by both contractor and client. If necessary, refer to the plans and drawings linked to the contract. The pricing structure should also cover any agreed variations to the original works.


  • Timeframe for the completion of the works

The timeframe for carrying out the work should clearly be outlined and agreed upon. Contractors should also note if there are any time penalty clauses in the contract. They should also be aware of any restrictions in the working hours on the site, and how these will impact them.


  • Insurance and liability for injuries

Every contractor should ensure that they have adequate insurance in place before beginning their work. In the case of larger contractors, it may be necessary to purchase additional insurance. All contractors should deal with potential claims of injury or death due to negligence, and the contract should contain appropriate indemnity clauses.


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