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Don’t leave your company vulnerable to major liability risks; protect it with the right general liability insurance in Los Angeles, CA.

One of the most serious risks that any business faces is the threat of liability claims.  Some of the most common claims fall under the category of general liability.  General liability claims typically refer to third-party claims that your business is responsible for their bodily injuries, property damages, and other losses.  While employing strict workplace safety protocols and offering comprehensive safety training to your employees can help reduce your business’s risk of a general liability claim, it’s impossible to eliminate every threat.  This is why it’s so important for business owners to secure the protection that only the right general liability insurance in Los Angeles, California can offer.  Read on to learn what commercial liability coverage form the experts at Artisan Insurance Solutions can do for your business.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

As previously mentioned, general liability insurance is most commonly used to cover third-party injuries or property damages.  For instance, if a customer slipped on a puddle and injured themselves while in your place of business, then your company would likely be held liable for the customer’s injuries.  At this point, your general liability insurance would step in and cover the cost of the customer’s medical expenses.  Should the customer decide to sue, then your insurance would also offer coverage for your business’s legal defense and settlement costs.

In addition to claims of bodily injury and property damage, general liability insurance can also be used to cover claims of personal and advertising injury.  Personal and advertising injury claims include the following:

  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Copyright infringement
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Misappropriation of advertising ideas

Why Do I Need General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance is one of the essential commercial coverages that all business can benefit from having.  Liability claims are one of the most costly issues that a company can face.  Most businesses do not have the financial resources to handle a general liability claim on their own.  In addition to being very expensive, general liability claims are also one of the most common types of claims that a business will face.  If you do not have the protection offered by a general liability policy, then a single claim could be enough to shut your business’s doors for good.

Interested in learning more about general liability insurance in Los Angeles, CA?  Then please contact us at Artisan Insurance Solutions.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your commercial coverage needs today.

Disclaimer: These are general descriptions of coverages. Please refer to your policy for actual coverage, limitations, & exclusions. Please call for details.

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