10 Documents to Include in Your Construction Contracts

What to Include in Your Construction Contracts


Constructing a solid contract represents one of the first steps towards the success of your end project, no matter what size or type of building you’re working on. A sizeable construction contract can include as many as 10 documents specifying different requirements and aspects of the work. Here are just a few documents to include.


  1. Construction contract agreement – This is the principle agreement between the construction contractor and the private property owner or the contracting offer for a business. This document is the essential component of the bundle of various contract documents.


  1. Scope of work (SOW) – Sometimes known as the Statement of Work, this document details the work to be done, who is responsible, how the work should be performed, and what materials will be used.


  1. Construction schedule – This enables the contracting client to know how and when the project will be completed and offers them leverage when schedule problems arise.


  1. General conditions – This is the portion of the contract offers the legal framework for the overall construction contract.


  1. Special conditions – This document should specify certain conditions and clauses that pertain to specific portions of the job.


  1. Specifications – This is where all the technical data and requirements are listed.


  1. Bill of quantities – This includes lists of diverse trades and materials that will form part of the construction. It includes an itemized list on the costs of materials, parts, and labor that will be part of the construction project.


  1. Cost estimate – This provides a breakdown of all items being incorporated into the construction project and their costs.


  1. Drawings – All contracts should include a set of whatever drawings that are applicable to the work being performed. This might include the actual blueprints for the project, or it may be one or more simpler drawings that provide a graphic representation of the extent of work.


  1. List of construction insurance coverage – Insurance provides a guarantee to the owner that the contractor has the means to perform under the terms of the construction contract.


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