3 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Although COVID-19 may have changed 2020, Father’s Day is still rapidly approaching. After lockdown and the threat of the virus, many of us now realize what the important things in life are – our health, family, friends, and those who care for us. This Father’s Day, spare some time to connect with the special man in your life.


Celebrate Father’s Day with These Ideas


Connect through a video call

If getting together in person is not an option, carve out some time to video call your dad and catch up. Discuss your favorite memories and tell him how much you appreciate him.


Propose a future event

If you were going to spoil your dad with a fancy dinner, a game of golf or a road trip away but can no longer do so, get planning for the future. When restaurants and events get back up and running, promise to take your dad out to treat him to Father’s Day – belatedly!


Send him something special

What does your dad enjoy? A pun-tastic card? A new set of tools? His favorite beer? Send your dad a special gift that will make him smile.


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