4 Amazing Power Tool Safety Tips

Most DIY (do it yourself) enthusiasts love and value power tools. However, while such tools offer many benefits, they can also be a source of misfortunes, primarily when misused. Unfortunately, this is a common scenario. For instance, in 2020 alone, the number of DIY project-related bodily injuries rose 20 percent, as reported by the Washington Post. A simple mistake in using power tools can cause massive damage, including fatal injuries. For instance, an unattended grinding machine can cause severe injuries if an unsupervised child plays with it. Keeping this in mind, strive to prevent injuries in your workshop at all costs.  Here are four safety tips to avoid power tool accidents.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

The manufacturer knows best about their power tool operation, maintenance, and general handling. For this reason, you should always follow the instructions in the user’s manual. Even if you’ve handled similar tools before, it’s prudent to consider what the manufacturer has to say concerning the new device. Newer models may require different operating techniques, so you should refrain from assuming anything. Before using a power tool, you should comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Declutter Your Work Area

Ensure you declutter your work area to prevent accidents involving your power tools. It is because clutter and disorder are significant causes of workplace accidents. Store your tools properly and ensure your workbench is devoid of the crowd. It helps maintain cleanliness and organization at the workplace and prevent power tool accidents. A decluttered work area can also improve your motivation and productivity.

Dress Appropriately

The use of power tools exposes you to the risk of injury. For instance, a drill can pierce your body if not handled carefully. One incredible way to protect yourself from power tool accidents is by putting on the proper personal protective equipment (PPEs). While this equipment may not prevent accidents, it will provide some level of protection against injuries. For instance, if you accidentally place a powered drill on your foot, no harm will occur if you wear safety boots. In case of any injury, it will likely be minor.

Turn Off, Unplug, and Store Your Tool After Use

Each power tool should have a safe storage place where you can keep it when not in use. It will help prevent accidents in the workshop. After using a power tool, ensure you switch it off, unplug from the power socket, and place it back in the storage. Also, when you take short breaks from using the power tool, ensure you switch it off. The safety lock should always be on when the device is not in use. This way, you will enhance power tool safety.

Bonus Tip – The Right Insurance Coverage

Power tool safety is a sensitive matter that everyone should take seriously. Use the tips discussed in this article to prevent bodily injuries and power tool damage in your home or business. Another great way to ensure safety in your business is to purchase insurance coverage. Our agents at Artisan Insurance Solutions will work with you to find the right solutions for your coverage needs. Contact us today to get started!

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