4 Fun Staycation Ideas for Families

Normally, at this time of year, you might have a trip to Disneyland or a campsite or a foreign destination planned. However, this year, your vacation plans may look a little different. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and adventure at home, though!

Fun staycation ideas for families:

1. Camp out in your backyard

Get the kids involved! Pitch a tent and roll out the sleeping bags. Study the local flora and fauna, practice wilderness skills, roast marshmallows over a fire pit, and tell scary stories in the dark.

2. Get cooking

Let your little chefs put their skills to the test with a “Top Chef” competition. Introduce a mystery ingredient, work in teams, and see what creations you can all come up with. If competition isn’t something that goes down well in your family, simply head to your farmer’s market for some ingredients and see what dish you can all create together.

3. Learn something new

Summer is a great time to get out and learn something new! Find out new facts about plants, wildlife or trees. Build arts and crafts outside or play an outdoor game that you haven’t done before!

4. Plan a treasure hunt

One sure way to have fun is to plan a treasure hunt around the house or neighborhood. Set up a string of clues for your kids to follow that will lead them all around. End the hunt with a fun prize – whether it’s a new toy, a snack or a promise to watch their favorite film as a family.

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