5 Important Steps to Follow When You File a Roofing Insurance Claim

Buying comprehensive roofing contractor’s insurance customized to your unique needs is essential for roofing companies. Keeping yourself protected against any such eventualities can secure your business from severe setbacks.

Filing a claim for your losses is an integral part of the re-compensation process. However, you must consult your insurance provider about the filing process as it may vary for insurers. Here, to make filing a roofing insurance claim easy, we have listed the steps you must follow.

5 Steps that Make Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim Easy

With these steps, you can easily file your roofing insurance claim:

  1. Take pictures as proof of damage

    Once your client calls you to assess the roof damage, the first thing you must do is take pictures of the roof in its damaged state. Check the damage thoroughly to ensure that it is not a result of your company’s negligence or sub-quality work but due to pre-existing conditions.

  2. Review your options

    In many instances, the homeowner may blame your company’s service for the damage to their roof. In such a scenario, they expect you to pay for the repair or replacement expenses for the damaged roof even though you are not at fault.

    It is always an advantage to know the types of coverage you have when buying your insurance so that you are better equipped to handle such situations. The last thing you want to face is that you do not have relevant coverage and need to pay for damages from your pocket.

  3. File a claim

    It would be best if you informed your insurance provider about the damage to the roof. You must ensure that you have all the relevant documents and pictures as proof of the work you did. Providing pictures of the damage to your insurer may help you to clear your name if the homeowner holds you responsible for the damage.

  4. Give the adjuster all relevant information

    Your insurance provider may allot an adjuster to your case. The adjuster’s job is to examine the damage closely, assess whether the damage is due to a covered peril, offer an estimate of the repair and replacement costs for covered damage, and submit their report to your insurance provider. Based on this report, your insurer may accept or deny your claim.

    You must be present when the adjuster comes to assess the damage at a designated time. Since you know the best about the roof’s condition, they may ask you for important information related to the damaged roof. Your answers can play a major role in influencing the adjuster’s final decision.

  5. Get the job done
    Once the insurance formalities are completed, you can complete the repair or replacement work as required.

    Yet another advantage of having proper insurance coverage is that it gives the much-needed confidence to your potential clients that they will be financially safe for future roof-related problems, if any.

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