Business Insurance & Auto Accidents: Are You Covered?

What Your Small Business Should Know About Auto Accidents

Small businesses often think that they can get away without securing an auto insurance policy. Whether they may drive a company-owned vehicle or their personal truck, many small business owners think they can wait a little bit longer before securing a commercial auto policy. The reality of the situation is that accidents happen. They happen to individuals, employees, contractors, and small business owners. While business auto insurance claims are rare, they are still frequent enough to warrant getting coverage for any small business owner who uses a car on the job or allows their team members to do so.

However you use your vehicle for business, whether it’s getting you to each client or delivering goods, you may be exposed to vehicle claims. Personal auto insurance often excludes claims that happen while a driver is acting in a work capacity. In essence, you cannot rely on personal auto insurance to cover you in the event of an accident, especially if you or an employee were on a business-related journey.

How do you stay safe on the roads when driving for business? The good news is that there are two business insurance policies that may be able to fill the coverage gap:

  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance: This policy can cover damages that happen in a vehicle not owned by the company but used for business purposes. If you or your team use their own vehicles for work-related errands, consider this coverage.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: This policy is designed to cover damages that happen in cars owned by the business.

If you are unsure about the current state of your business auto insurance, talk to your insurance agent to make sure you and your team are covered. For assistance with your unique coverage needs, contact the experts at Artisan Insurance Solutions to get started today.

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