Common New Business Money Mistakes (and How to Avoid Making Them)

When new businesses start out, no two journeys are the same. Each business has its unique set of challenges, constraints, and owner at the helm. Unfortunately, when you’re starting a new business, it’s all too easy to make mistakes. While some mistakes are natural and even necessary, avoid making these common money mistakes.

Avoid Making These Money Mistakes

Not having a sales process

Generating sales is a process you must define early on in development. To scale growth, you will need to have a sales process in place that has been tried, tested, and one you know works. Your business needs to be seen as a trusted advisor, expert, and educator. The sooner you get started on establishing your business as these, the sooner you can land sales.


Offering discounts and introductory deals are a great way to get a client through the doors. Yet, if you’re not planning on raising your rates at any point, you will be slower to build success. Aim a little higher than what you think someone will say yes to – you’d be surprised how often they say yes!

Poor financial records

Although you’re a new business owner with a lot on your hands, that doesn’t mean you can let documentation fall by the wayside. Sloppy record keeping will give you a distorted picture of your business. In addition, if you’re mixing your personal expenses with your business expenses, it can cause tax ramifications.

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