Contractors Insurance for Roofers – What Makes It Different?

Contractors Insurance for Roofers 

Roofers deal with a great deal of risk on a daily basis. Every project that you take on, every employee you work with, and every time you head out on the road, there are risks involved in the operation of your business. In the construction industry, a little bit of caution and the right roofing contractors insurance in Los Angeles can go a long way.

Mitigating Risks as a Roofer

The reality is that a single incident or accident can lead to thousands of dollars in bills that your company may be responsible for pay paying. For many roofing companies, this can lead to costly lawsuits and potential closure of the business.

Naturally, you will want to take every step possible to reduce the risks present on each job site. You’ll want to invest the time in building your employee’s skillset so that there are few human errors that are made on the projects. Even so, contractors insurance is necessary. Such a policy can help to fill in where the mistakes and accidents commonly occur. Some of the most common areas for liability protect include the following:

  • General liability is the first line of defense. General liability policies are basic but offer a huge amount of coverage from claims made against your business. Even seemingly minor issues can pose a large threat to a business, but general liability can step in to help.
  • Professional liability insurance may also be necessary for most roofers. Your expertise plays a significant role in the jobs that you perform. If a mistake were to happen, it could mean a large amount of structural damage. The higher level of liability insurance can help to minimize the costs.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance is essential as soon as you hire the first employee. Roofers, unfortunately, have a higher chance of being hurt on the job and it is more common than not for roofers to fall, step on something, or otherwise become severely hurt. Workers’ comp can help to offset the expensive medical care your business would face in this case.

Contractors insurance can be designed to address the specific liability risks your business faces. With the help of your coverage, you can mitigate many issues that could lead to expensive lawsuits and claims made against your business otherwise.

We’ve got you covered. Visit Artisan Insurance Solutions to get started on tailored contractors insurance for your roofing business.

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