How to Choose the Right Drone for Your Contracting Business

For many contracting businesses, drones are the future. It’s not that long ago that drones were first introduced into the scene, but it’s fast changing that they are the norm for contracting businesses and construction. While many large construction sites held priority over the drones due to accessibility and affordability, today, drones are used on almost every construction project regardless of the size. There are now many companies wrestling with the notion of buying their own drones.


When you’re looking for the right drone for your next contracting project, take a look at these tips for what you should know about selecting the best make and model for your needs.


Choosing the Right Drone for Your Contracting Business


What can a contracting business do with drones?

Drone technology has advanced in recent years, allowing a construction company to render a completely accurate 3D print of a job site. In turn, this makes initial surveying and job planning easier. Drones can also be used to monitor worker health, create 3D progress models for clients, keep an eye on project safety issues, and help maintain site safety. With so much a drone can do to help protect a business and the workers, it’s worth investing in the correct one.


Drone sizes

In the simplest terms, drones come in a range of sizes, from small to medium to large. The most significant difference between each level is the size and picture quality of the cameras. The more expensive drones will usually have a higher quality camera, which may result in it being an overall larger drone.


If you are looking for a general view of a property or land, then selecting a small and lightweight drone might be for you. The lighter drones often have a longer battery life, so if you plan on being up in the air for a significant period of time, choose a lighter weight model. The heavier, larger drones have better image resolution, which can be beneficial for companies who want detailed imagery that help them complete their job.


Should I buy or rent?

The question that most companies think about is if they should invest in a drone by buying one or rent one out only when they need it for specific projects. After all, some drones can be quite a sizeable cost and can take time to learn how to operate and fly.

Operating a drone division within a construction company requires the purchase of one or more drones (which can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000) as well as hiring licensed pilots who do the flying. Drones also require frequent software updates, so it is well worth having a drone software expert on staff as well.


Drones are not the cheapest resource to purchase for your company, especially if renting out a drone for a simple survey costs around $200. Small companies, even if they use drones for every project, could probably benefit from hiring out professionals drones. However, with drone costs dropping while functionality is rapidly increasing, it’s a smart investment for medium to large companies.


Investing in a drone department for your contracting business could save you a lot of money over time. It could also help you do your job easier, faster, and safer. While you consider the addition of a drone, be sure you’re your business is fully protected. Ensure that you have the necessary insurance coverages that safeguard your contracting business from monetary loss. For the easy and convenient business insurance services that you need,contactthe experts at Artisan Insurance Solutions. We are ready to get you the coverage that you need today.

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