Essential Adaptations for Businesses: Safety, Security, Documentation

Businesses across the nation have been forced to press the pause button because of COVID-19. While many are preparing to open or have opened already, there are certainly new adaptations that owners need to be aware of in this new normal. Being prepared for whatever lies ahead is critical to success.


Adaptations for Businesses Post-COVID-19



It’s important for businesses to utilize shift work where possible in order to have the best success as maintaining social distancing. Construction workers are used to working different types of hours and in different settings, fortunately. Health monitoring should also be a priority and will quickly become the new norm. Implement pre/post-shift temperature checks and supply plenty of face masks and hand sanitizer so your team can stay protected. Discourage the use of sharing tools unless they have been thoroughly cleaned beforehand.



Every business is susceptible to cyber damage. Be sure to keep all devices up to date with security software and install 2-factor authentication. Review and improve all passwords and security policies, as well as educate your team on how to spot threats online.



In construction, documentation is incredibly important. They tell the story of the job, who touched which equipment, who was working with who, and more. Ensure you are documenting the extra things that you are being asked to do.


These tips can help to keep you and your business going throughout this troubling time. Ensure that you have the necessary insurance coverages that safeguard your business from further monetary loss. For the easy and convenient business insurance services that you need, contact the experts at Artisan Insurance Solutions. We are ready to get you the coverage that you need today.

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