General Contractor Vs. Specialty Contractor: A Comparative Analysis

Contrary to the common perception that all contractors perform the same role in a construction project, contractors can be classified into two types depending on the work they do: general and specialty contractors.

In this blog, we will compare the roles and responsibilities of general and specialty contractors to understand which is the better option and also discuss whether skill specialization is a must for contractors.

  1. General Contractors
    General contractors oversee the construction of an entire project. They are responsible for the project completing on time and within budget. For this, they implement and execute several processes to maximize efficiency. General contractors are further classified into:

    • General Engineering Contractors
      Class A licenses are issued to contractors with extensive knowledge and experience in mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering. They have the skills to execute projects of all sizes, such as bridges, railroads, hydroelectric plants, and shipyards.

      They ensure that the project’s technical aspects are being completed per the plan and applicable regulations.

    • General Building Contractors
      These contractors have Class B licenses to obtain from the state where the project is being implemented. They can work on their construction project or work for a client. Their area of expertise is in the construction and framing of commercial or residential building projects.
  2. Specialty Contractors
    Specialty contractors have extensive training in the implementation, execution, and maintenance of their specialized skills, such as roofing, flooring, plumbing, welding, and so on. They are classified as Class C license holders, a certification that makes them eligible to conduct their trade, typically specific to one particular niche. They can work independently for specific renovation projects or be hired as subcontractors by the client or the construction project’s general contractor.

Who is the Better Contractor?

Each contractor has the knowledge, training, skill, and experience specific to a certain kind of service they offer in a project. Their scope of work needs to be more varied and specialized for us to compare and conclude who, between these two types of contractors, is better.

For any project to succeed, both the general contractor and the specialty contractors must have the expertise to carry out their responsibilities and ensure their work is of the highest standards.

Should You Specialize?

Whether you work as a general contractor or choose a specific specialization in your contractor work depends on your personal choice. General contractors have greater responsibilities than specialty contractors as they supervise the project’s overall progress, which includes handling and solving several types of on-site construction-related issues and interaction with the client and the management team. In contrast, specialty contractors focus on the job for which they have the requisite skills and handle problems specific to their specialty.

So, the question of whether to specialize is an individual choice that is based on your work-related interests and your future goals.

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