High-Risk Industries: Roofing Contractors

Learn how you can protect yourself, your company’s assets, and your employees with the right commercial coverages.

Out of all the trades, those specializing in roofing repairs and services are perhaps the most at risk.  Not only do roofers need to worry about the potential injuries and damages that can come as a result of doing complicated work at such great heights, but they should also be concerned about the special equipment and potentially toxic materials that they use to complete their job. The best way for roofing contractors to protect themselves and their businesses is with the proper roofers insuranceHere’s how roofers insurance can keep you safe.

Coverage for Employee Injuries

One of the essential types of insurance that all roofing contractor businesses need is workers compensation insurance.  This type of policy will offer coverage for the lost wages, medical costs, and rehabilitation expenses of employees that are injured or become ill while on the job.  Not only does this insurance ensure that your workers are taken care of, but it can also help you secure your company’s assets as well.  Should an injured employee decide to sue your company for damages, then your workers comp insurance can be used to cover your legal fees.

Coverage for Third-Party Damages and Injures

Another essential commercial coverage that your roofing business cannot overlook is commercial general liability insurance.  This type of policy will offer coverage in the event that you accidentally cause third-party property damages or bodily injury while rendering your professional services.  This type of insurance will offer coverage for the affected party’s medical and/or repair costs.  Should they decide to sue, then your commercial general liability policy can also be used to cover your business’s legal and settlement costs as well.

Coverage for Tools and Equipment

Finally, your roofing company should secure coverage for the tools and equipment that it uses to complete business operations.  As roofing tools are usually very specialized and very expensive, your business might not be able to afford repairing or replacing damaged or stolen equipment.  Luckily, having the right contractors tools and small equipment coverage will ensure that you receive compensation for your damaged or stolen equipment.

These are some of the roofers insurance coverages that your roofing business cannot afford to overlook.  Would you like assistance in securing the specialty business insurance that your company needs?  Then don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Artisan Insurance Solutions.  We are ready to get you covered today.

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