How and Why to Do a Digital Detox

Wherever we are, the virtual world is close by. With smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and tablets, we’re able to stay plugged in all the time. That’s why the idea of logging out and digitally detoxing has become increasingly popular. Making time and space for a regular digital detox is important for people of all ages.


Why digitally detox?

More and more, we rely on technology to communicate, work, shop, bank, and more. When we unplug, we are able to connect with the present, spend time in nature, reduce stress, and nurture our face-to-face interactions with others. It can also help prevent addiction to tech devices. Unplugging on a regular basis helps us maintain a healthy balance of in-real-life activities and the digital world. Ultimately, a digital detox is a way to disconnect to reconnect.


How to do a digital detox

  1. Start small and build up gradually

A digital detox doesn’t have to mean you spend a whole weekend without technology. For many people who rely on their devices every day, it is beneficial to start small. Try not to look at your phone for 15 minutes. The next day, unplug for 30 minutes or take several 15-minute breaks. Work up to half a day or a full day every week when you do not visit social media platforms.


  1. Limit screens in certain areas of the house

Families can choose to designate the dining room, kitchen, and living room as screen-free spaces. This will help all of you spend more time together. If technology is off-limits, kids are more likely to get involved in outdoor play and get creative in their games.


  1. Ask yourself ‘why?’ when you find yourself reaching for your phone

Sometimes, it’s a habit to scroll through social media or check emails. We may not even realize we’re doing it half the time. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself why you’re picking up your phone. If it’s not for a real reason, such as to answer a call or send a quick text, it’s worth putting your phone down without using it. When we do so, we remember how to be present and grateful for the moment.


  1. Remove distractions

The constant beeps, buzzes, and notifications on the screen can make it hard for us not to spend a quick 5 or 10 minutes checking them. These sights and sounds are designed to make us want to put up our phones or check our computers and then keep us there. Do yourself a favor by turning off all notifications and silencing your devices. This will help you stay focused on the present and not so distracted by temptations.

Get started

Now that you know how and why to do a digital detox, it’s time to get started! You may just find that you do not need to depend on your devices for comfort or entertainment, and you may find engagement through other activities. You may even find that you get better sleep, feel less stress, and feel happier in day to day life. Whether you try it for a day or a week, it is a good idea to separate yourself from devices sometimes.

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