How to Protect Your Workers with Contractors Insurance

Safeguarding Your Team with Contractors Insurance 

Contractors are an important part of your work. Contracting can be a very labor-intensive job, and they face a variety of risks on a daily basis. Whether they are installing sprinkler systems or knocking out walls, the intense physical work poses risks to the employee –  and employer. While nothing can replace the importance of safe working conditions and adequate safety gear, employers must also protect their team with contractors insurance in Pasadena, CA.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Most employers have to carry workers’ comp insurance. It can protect you in case an employee gets injured, sick, or dies on the job. If the employee needs to take time off to recover, this insurance policy can help your business pay for the treatment.

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)

Mistakes happen – we’re only human. Mistakes from contractors, however, can hurt the company and the client significantly. If an employee provides bad service or offers bad advice, E&O coverage can help you compensate a client for damages.

Contractors Insurance

Contractors insurance is a collection of coverages that offer your business protection against unique risk factors. You can protect your contractors with commercial general liability, commercial auto, and more with the help of this policy.

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