How to Write a Construction and Safety Management Plan

Writing a Construction and Safety Management Plan

Safety in the construction industry is one of the most valued parts of the job. If injuries occur, not only does it hinder the construction progress, but it can put a financial strain on the business. Although there are many risks on any construction site, large and small, there are ways to reduce the risk of injuries. This is why carefully developing guidelines for a safety management plan to protect the safety of field workers is crucial to every construction project. Here are a few points to consider when developing construction and safety management plans.

  • Employees

All employees should be familiar with and follow proper health and safety practices. They must notify the supervisor immediately of unsafe conditions, accidents, and injuries. Consider regular training and visual notices around the worksite to keep safety in the forefront of their minds.

  • Flexibility

Every safety plan should be flexible enough and easily adaptable to any project. The size of the plan must also be aligned with the size of the project. The safety plan should have a general direction to go in for these foreseen risks. How to handle an emergency and everyone’s duties should be outlined in the plan, along with when certain measures are to be taken.

  • Accident Reporting

Outline a proper protocol for how to handle accidents and how to report them. Every accident, no matter how seemingly small, should be reported to a supervisor. Proper documentation of the incident should be completed, along with all of the steps that were taken to prevent and help the situation. Make sure it is clear where all of the records will be kept.

  • Subcontractor Liability

Subcontractors and trade contractors that are hired by the company are required to follow the business’s safety regulation. It’s important that this is communicated adequately.

  • Lead by Example

If you aren’t going to follow the safety guidelines, how do you expect your team to? The more serious you are about safety regulations, the more serious your team will reciprocate the same sense of responsibility.

Construction safety management plans are not only valuable to worker’s safety, but they ensure the health and safety of the environment of the construction site and the surrounding public. Do you have more questions about construction safety? Talk to the professionals at Artisan Insurance Solutions today. We are happy to help you secure your reliable insurance policies so that you feel better protected.

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