Important Steps to Protect Your Business From Fires

Fire Prevention in the Workplace 

A fire can be incredibly disastrous for any business owner. Not only can it cause injury and sometimes even death, but even the smallest of fires can result in high costs to repair damage. No matter the size of your workplace or company, a fire can cause huge destruction in your business, leaving you with high expenses to get back on your feet. Along with securing the right commercial insurance in Los Angeles, CA, here are some great ways to protect your business from fire.

  1. Create a fire prevention plan. A significant step towards preventing a fire is to eliminate clutter. Having extra materials within the workplace is fuel for a fire. Reduce the amount of paper you keep in the office and make sure space heaters are used safely.
  2. Install smoke alarms with a sprinkler system. Check the alarm regularly, refreshing the batteries if necessary. Working smoke detectors can give you valuable time to react to a fire, which can make a huge difference in reducing harm to people and your business.
  3. Set a smoking policy by designating smoking areas outside, keeping ashtrays away from flammable items such as shrubs and trees, and cleaning all ashtrays regularly.
  4. Place fire extinguishers around the workplace and ensure that all employees know how to use one.
  5. Check for hazards on a daily basis. Something as simple as tangled computer cords or run down appliances can spark fires. Fires are often preventable, so be sure to take action on a regular basis.

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