How Machine Learning Helps Construction Workers Be More Efficient

Machine learning is a phrase not often heard in the construction industry, yet, it’s something that can revolutionize the way people work on site. We’re living in an age where technologies are quickly taking over all of our tasks and executing them with precision. However, the reality of machine learning is that it can help – not replace – construction workers. Here’s how.


Machine Learning in the Construction Industry


  1. Prevent cost overrun

Construction teams tend to have a lot of problems regarding cost overruns when they’re working on large projects. Even though there may be an efficient team onboard, unrealistic timelines can hinder project management. Machine learning can prevent this from happening by analyzing the size of the project and historical data to create a realistic timeline.


  1. Construction site safety

Construction sites are dangerous places to operate. Technology has advanced to the point where AI can scan construction sites in order to spot potential safety hazards. Essentially, if workers don’t wear protective gear or if some site areas aren’t properly secured, this predictive algorithm will record it.


  1. Distribute the workforce

Machine learning can help with the accurate distribution of the workforce and machinery across a variety of construction sites. As a result, this prevents teams from going over budget. Software can monitor and evaluate work progress as well as the location of workers and equipment to streamline teams and meet their deadlines.


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