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Expected Coverage Rates for Contractors Insurance in 2023

Inflation is expected to impact insurance costs in 2023 for construction contractors. However, the rate of increase in premiums may vary depending on several factors, such as the class of business, the type of damage or loss, and the state where you operate your business. In the blog, we will discuss the expected rise in costs for several insurance coverages

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General Contractors Insurance: 8 Reasons Why It Can Protect Your Business

Contractors are exposed to unique risks each day. Whether you are working on a large construction site or a home renovation, the chances of injuries and property damage are relatively high. To protect your business from eventualities that may lead to massive financial and reputational loss, you must ensure that you have general liability coverage in your contractors insurance. In

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6 Tips You Must Know to Get the Most Out of Your Contractors Insurance

If your work is based on signed contracts, then you need to look at contractors insurance as part of your risk management strategies. Contractors can get sued by clients who are unhappy with results, but if you have the right insurance policy, your coverage will take care of legal costs. Best Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Contractors

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How Contractor Liability Insurance Covers Mistakes on the Job

Successful contractors are aware of the potential risks on the job. As a contractor, you work with many tools that could potentially cause damage if they aren’t used properly. Contractors general liability insurance gives you a layer of protection if something goes wrong. Sometimes mistakes happen. If you’re a homeowner assessing options for your next renovation project, you may be

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What Are the Common Contractor Insurance Claims?

Construction contractors face unique challenges and risks daily, from workplace accidents to damages or losses from natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. A contractor insurance policy will help cover these, keeping your construction business afloat. However, some contractors lack crucial coverages, thus facing financial losses and interruption. Being aware of the common contractor insurance claims will help you know the coverages

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