The Risks Your Understaffed Small Business Faces

Do You Have Skeleton Staff Schedules? You Could Expose Your Business to Risks


Businesses, especially those that are small and start-up, don’t want to hire staff that they don’t need. Worries about the economy and future cash flow are among the top reasons why small business owners tend to run understaffed. While money concerns are a legitimate reason to hold back on hiring, you should be aware of the potentially costly risks that come from operating only with skeleton staff.


  • Increased injuries and illnesses

Understaffed offices typically cause elevated stress among employees who have a large workload, work longer house, and continuously multitask. Medical researchers found that increased stress can make the body more susceptible to illnesses, which can hurt productivity. Physical stress can also lead to long-term illness, which leaves your business exposed to higher health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance claims.


  • Increased exposure to cybercrimes

Small businesses often tend to focus only on client interactions and neglect the behind-the-scenes security measures. When your small team is working hard to please clients and make sales, mistakes or important tasks can be overlooked. Tasks like updating passwords and reporting phishing emails may seem menial but in this age of technology, being protected against cybercrimes is imperative.


  • Decreased customer satisfaction

Whenever your performance suffers as a result of understaffing, your clients will feel it. Over time, the decreased performance could translate into unhappy customers, fewer referrals, less repeat business, and lower revenue.


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