Time Management Tips for the Festive Season

Happy Holiday Time Management


The holidays are a wonderful but busy time of year. As a small business owner or contractor, it’s easy to burn out with everything on your to-do list. There are parties to host and attend, presents to buy, family to see, and work to complete. These conflicts can make you feel overwhelmed if you don’t have any time management practices in place. Here are a few steps you can step up your productivity and organization in time for the holidays.


Make a list and check it twice

Everyone has a to-do list, and it’s easy for those documents to get completely out of hand. Break down your notes to help you get things done. Start by listing manageable, actionable tasks and schedule them out into clearly defined steps. As you come up with ideas or important developments in your projects, add notes and comments.


Prioritize and delegate

By listing your priority tasks first, you can feel sure that you’ll get them done in time. If possible, delegate other tasks to your team members and work together to make sure pressing tasks are not forgotten about.


Don’t overpack your schedule

You may want to attend every holiday party you get invited to, but doing so can be a sure way to burn out. If you have too much planned in your calendar, don’t be afraid to say no so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Be polite and honest by saying while you’d love to help them, you just aren’t able to at this time.


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