Tips for Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

How to Use Public Wi-Fi Safely  

Free Wi-Fi is available in coffee shops, airports, restaurants, hotels, public transport, shopping malls, dentist offices – you name it. These networks are accessed by millions of people on a daily basis. Even though you want to browse social media or check your emails without eating into your data, how do you know if the free Wi-Fi is safe to use? The short of it is that you don’t. Free public Wi-Fi isn’t secure and can unleash a whole host of unpleasant cyber activity on your accounts if you don’t use it without precautions. To stay safe while using free Wi-Fi, read on.

Know Who to Trust

No public Wi-Fi network is absolutely secure. Hackers are getting smarter and can use public Wi-Fi networks to access data on people’s phones. Wherever possible, stick to well-known networks such as Starbucks. If a network operated by a third-party that you’ve never heard of is available, avoid using it.

Limit AirDrop and File Sharing

When connected to the public internet, it’s best to turn off sharing preferences. Right after you verify the network, turn off the file sharing option. For Apple users, simply find AirDrop and select ‘Allow me to be discovered by: No One’. That means no one nearby can grab your files or send you one you don’t want.

Check What You’re Signing Up For

Although it’s a tiresome procedure, it’s a good idea to read up on the attached terms and conditions before you connect yourself to a public Wi-Fi connection. Also, be very wary of signing up for public Wi-Fi access if you’re getting asked a lot of personal details, like your email address or phone number.

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