6 Tips on How to Be a Successful Independent Contractor

The biggest bonus of being an independent contractor is that you are your boss and can select how and when to work. It can be a lucrative career option if you have the requisite skills and training, as several clients choose to hire independent contractors for their projects because of their convenience, affordability, and flexibility.

However, while being an independent contractor has several benefits, establishing yourself in this field can be quite a challenging task. This blog will discuss helpful tips to ensure you are well-equipped to face the challenges and turn your business into a successful venture.

6 Useful Tips to Create Your Own Success Story as an Independent Contractor

  1. Obtain Relevant Licenses and Permits
    While a general business license may be a requirement in most states, if you are in the construction sector or depending on your specialty, you may need specialized contractor licenses. Also, you may require building permits from local authorities before starting a new project. Being a licensed or certified company gives you an edge over your rivals. Most large clients choose contractors with all the required licenses and permits to avoid future legal complications. You can also enjoy tax relief, get bigger loans, and be protected by your license board in the case of non-payment by a client.
  2. Buy the Right Contractor Insurance Coverage
    You may have the most effective risk management plan. Still, accidents are inevitable, and you must ensure that your business is financially secure in the event of damage and loss with an insurance plan that offers maximum protection for your unique business needs. The contractors insurance coverages that you may consider buying for overall security for your company are:

    • Commercial general liability
    • Commercial property
    • Professional liability
    • Contractors’ tools and equipment
    • Commercial auto
    • Surety bonds
    • Workers’ compensation


  3. Create a Business Plan
    A business plan is a detailed description of your business’s operational, financial, and marketing aspects, including your aims and how you plan to achieve them. A plan helps you garner financial investments and focus on your goals. It includes the systems, processes, and policies that you plan to incorporate to maximize the chances of your business’ success.
  4. Build an Efficient and Reliable Team
    Right from the inception stage, you need professionals who can add value to your business and help you achieve the milestones. Defining their roles and responsibilities and involving them in decision-making helps enhance their confidence and performance.
  5. Develop an Innovative Marketing Strategy
    To promote your venture and highlight the services that your business offers, you can develop a creative and innovative marketing strategy through:

    • Social media
    • Paid advertising

    Also, joining a lead generation service can help you build an online presence.

  6. Join an Industry Association
    Besides keeping you updated with the latest industry standards and practices, joining an industry association helps you to hone your business skills from peers and mentors.


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