Tips to Prevent Costly Construction Delays

Useful Ways to Avoid Time-Consuming Set Backs 

Keeping construction projects and programs on schedule has always been a challenge for both owners and contractors. Delays are very costly, and often very frequent in this industry. Ideally, construction should go off without a hitch and avoid delays if possible. Not only do construction delays cost you money, but also your reputation. Fortunately, there are simple ways to help keep projects running smoothly. From having the right contractors insurance to setting a schedule, here are some tips on how to avoid costly construction delays.

  • Maintain an accurate schedule

If you are accurate with your schedule from the beginning, there’s no need to play catch up when the time comes. The schedule should outline the details of what could cause delays and how this will affect the project. That way, if there is a setback, you all know how to handle it and how to keep the project on track. When/if a delay does occur, the schedule should be updated accordingly.

  • Improve your management methods

Believe it or not, but incompetent management is another major reason for project failure. Managers are responsible for creating a project plan that includes all the required elements and delivering the completed project by the deadline. A good manager will be able to handle several aspects of a detailed project plan while working to minimize delays that can block progress.

  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities

A great way to slow down progress is for the team to not know what to do or who is responsible for what. Each team member should understand what is expected of them and be well-versed in how to do just that. Establishing accountability is part of an effective project plan and timeline.  Remember to focus not just on what needs to be done, but who will be responsible for doing it and when.

Contractors, business owners, and project managers all need to make sure they have suitable insurance in place. If the worst does happen, having reliable insurance can mean the difference between staying on track and the project falling way behind schedule. For the easy and convenient insurance services that you need, contact the experts at Artisan Insurance Solutions.  We are ready to get you the coverage that you need today.

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