What Does Plumbing Insurance Cover?

Protect Your Plumbing Business with Quality Insurance

Plumbing can be a messy business. Fixing busted pipes, unclogging toilets, and crawling into small spaces are only a few of the on-the-job risks. However, it can be rewarded in many ways and is worth protecting. To help you protect yourself, your business, and wallet, take a look at what plumbing insurance in Los Angeles, CA can do for you.

What is it?

Plumbing insurance is a certain type of coverage that can protect you, your business, and employees from any mishaps that may occur as a result of day-to-day operations.

What does it cover?

For small to midsized plumbing companies, standard forms of coverage are usually bundled into a business owners policy (BOP), but you will need additional standalone policies to protect yourself from unique risks.

A BOP will typically include the following:

  • General liability – Protects against lawsuits related to injury/property damage that you cause to a business or another person
  • Property insurance – Covers damage to your building or equipment on your property
  • Business income insurance – Covers up to a year of loss of income due to any insured property loss

Depending on your business’s risk, consider adding these standalone policies:

  • Commercial auto insurance – This covers any damage to your vehicles you or your employees use on the job.
  • Inland marine insurance – This protects your property, equipment, and tools moving between job sites and the business.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – Covers employees’ medical costs, lost wages, permanent disability, and death benefits that result from a workplace illness or injury.

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