What is Construction Technology and How Does It Shape the Industry?

How Technology is Changing the Construction Industry 

Until very recently, the construction industry has been one of the least digitized sectors, largely avoiding any technological change over the years. However, times are changing and the landscape of construction is becoming more advanced, relying more on sophisticated technology. From smart software to handle important documents to autonomous equipment to perform excavation on-site, construction technology allows construction companies and their employees to stride ahead. Take a look at some construction technology trends and the impact on the industry.


Some of the latest trends in construction technology include the use of prefabricated parts, using computers to design buildings, and incorporating green technology to construct eco-friendly structures. Construction technology is used for a variety of projects, ranging from small residential houses to large-scale industrial plants.


  • Productivity – Technology is boosting offsite construction through modular and prefabrication processes. Modular construction is where workers build entire rooms offsite before the section is transported and attached to the desired building. Prefabrication is similar, but rather than rooms, the components such as wall panels and floor systems are built.
  • Safety and training – New tech such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence are helping to improve safety training, giving workers a first-hard experience of handling a crisis but without the risk. Wearables are also used in the industry, helping to define construction site hazards.
  • Labor shortages – Robots are giving a lending hand to an industry where there is a significant lack of skilled workers. Robots are good at doing repetitive tasks, which allows the workers on hand to focus their time on other projects.

Construction technology is ever-changing, and we expect to see more improvements in the future. When you’re in the industry, it’s important to stay relevant and protected. For the easy and convenient insurance services that you need, contact the experts at Artisan Insurance Solutions. We are ready to get you the coverage that you need today.

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