Streamlining the Roofing Insurance Claims Process to Satisfy All Parties Involved

You probably know that the roofing insurance claims process can sometimes get pretty complicated if you’re a restoration contractor. When there are unresolved issues, it’s a little difficult to quickly start repair work and there might be delays in receiving your payment. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s how you can help streamline the insurance claims process to the satisfaction of all parties involved, including the homeowner, insurer, and yourself.

How Roofing Insurance Claims Work

Here’s what follows once the homeowner reports the roof damage to their insurer:

Damage Assessment by the Adjuster

The insurer sends an adjuster to inspect the roof, highlighting any damage that you identified in your preliminary assessment. You can have a team member accompany the adjuster during the inspection to clarify any issues and ensure that all damage is assessed. Based on their findings, the adjuster will then create a damage assessment report and send it to the insurance company.

Claim Review

The insurer will receive and review the claim (damage assessment). They’ll assess the damage report from the adjuster to determine the compensation amount to pay the homeowner for roofing restoration. The review phase may take a while as the insurance company assesses the provided evidence.

During the review, you’ll want to remain available to answer any question from the insurer about the damage you assessed. The claims process moves much faster when your roofing company is there to provide any requested information.

Finalizing the Settlement

Once satisfied with the damage assessment, the insurance company will finalize the settlement. They’ll send the homeowner a check for the determined amount. Depending on the terms of the homeowners insurance policy, this settlement may cover the costs to either replace or repair the roof.

With the payment having been processed, you can now reach a formal agreement with the homeowner about the required roofing repairs or replacement. Generally, this contract covers the exact damages identified in the assessment. Insurance will not pay for any repair issues not included in the final damage report.

Making the Most Out of the Roofing Insurance Claim Process

A successful claims process should leave you and your client (the homeowner) satisfied. Here’s how you can make it work as an insurance restoration contractor.

Understand Insurance Speak

It’s important that you have a perfect grasp of insurance-related terms and concepts that will come up in the claims process. Understanding the language that the insurer and their adjuster speak makes it easier to provide accurate responses to any questions or issues that arise during and after damage assessment.

You’ll also be filling out insurance forms. Familiarity with the relevant jargon can help you submit accurate paperwork and avoid making errors in your insurance restoration forms.

The ability to communicate well with the insurance company and their representatives can help fast-track the claims process. It’s key to avoiding costly error-related delays.

Vouch for the Homeowner

Always strive to honestly advocate for the homeowner when there are differences between your damage evaluation and the adjuster’s. As a roofing contractor, you’re an expert with a credible opinion on the scope of damage and the required repair works. Your role in reconciling any discrepancies between the two assessment reports can help the homeowner achieve a more desirable claims outcome. It improves the chances of receiving the right settlement amount to cover the restoration work you plan to do.

Preserve all Records

It’s important to have all key records to hand in case the insurance company requests for supporting evidence while reviewing the damage assessment. Providing any required documentation can help reduce delays and streamline the claims review process.

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These are some crucial recommendations to have a smooth roofing insurance claims process. At Artisan Insurance Solutions, our experts will help you find a roofing insurance policy that suits your roofing business. For more details, contact us today.

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